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24 hours ago chara fights asgore and wins and frys her shelf on the bairer opening it

sans : so this is where you have been kid hiding   I’m impressed ;lets cut to the chase we   both know as soon as you're free you're going to reset and we can't have that now can we

*gulp* try and rest your way out of that kid well I'm off to Grillbys

Grillby: well someone's hungry tonight
Sans : I guess saving the world gives you a big appetite
Grillby:you saved the world
Grillby: ….
Sans :sigh well here's to you kid
NPC:everyone the barrier is open we are  free
NPC where free, it's over ,it's a miracle
NPC : false alarm as soon as we walked towards the light a large door came down were back to square one

Grillby :can you come get sans has not been the same since the announcement
Papyrus  I came as fast as I could
thanks for commenting he's been like this all night
Papyrus : sorry I'm sure he will fell better soon
Papyrus what's wrong brother

Sans ; Bro I think I screwed up big time you see there's this human all they do is kill us and rest so well  wen they got stuck in the barrel I ate them I thought I was saving the underground now I find out there's a door sure could use a time reset right about now

Papyrus there's no human here I the great  Papyrus would have found them your just tired  trust me things will be better in the morning

Dream Grillby : are you ready to order
Sans : no I'm fine
Sans few  just a soul
Sans what.
Papyrus: hay brother what  are you looking at
Sans : the human…
Papyrus : a human really here wait why is the human in your stomach?
Sans, i did some dumb things last night that I thought be over by the morning why is this happening all I wanted was time to start moving and not to see everyone I cared about die over and over again
Papyrus : it will be over soon
metatron this is begins of day 2  of wall wach
nock nock nock
*growl* or right shes  dead I hate this timeline
Boat out of order
Sans : sigh looks like I'm walking on hot land
stop that kid everyone giving me looks
sans its not cute anymore kiddo
just give up already
I  don't think I can make it to hot land
NOTE;I wasn't ready for  the responsibility
sans;I can't say no to  a free lunch  
don't worry  This won’t
hurt a bit.
*passes out moments later*
no no no no
Papyrus doesn't  worry brother
I'm fine
your about to die
*wakes up find monster kid with a flower n  
Sans looks down to see human blood
Sans sighs : kid what are am I going to do  with you i should've stopped you when I first found you outside that door  
sans : my trap worked?
chara ......
sans hello
chara pushes sans over and runs for it

 sans walks threw flowers cheering about being free  
Sans even when the kids a soul  it finds a way to make things worse

Papyrus bother wait!  
Sans bro what's the rush
Papyrus I had to stop you closed of hot land there looking for the king's killer
Sans finches what
Papyrus that's what Metatron said on the news while you were out there going to snowein next something about a sweep and they will have nowhere to hide
Sans .. no wI know how the kid must have felt being hunted
Papyrus:  brother is everything alright?

Sans, I was the last one seen going out of the castle there going to come around and ask what am I meant to say?

Papyrus you should give yourself over maybe they will be nice
Sans nice?!  I have the soul of a killer inside me   a  will the royal guard react
Papyrus … I know we run back to Snowden and you pretend to be sick and then we get Alphas to remove it and then I the great Papyrus say I chaptered  the king killer I'll have to be promoted for shore
Sans growing : sick I can do this thing gives me nothing but heartburn
Papyrus helps sans up come on let's go home  

Metatron : it's now day 7 of wall watch no progress but

Grillby :  here are your pancakes and your triple espresso sans?
sans :* yawns* hay thanks
Grillby  it's  early your never here early
sans nodding off
Grillby   sans!?
sans sorry  I been haveing a lot of bad dreams lately I think it's something I ate
Grillby I knew thought hot dogs were bad
* door bursts open * Undyne Papyrus  Alphas  and a bunch of NPCs enter the bar
Undyne: all right nerds were  here the situation our king and queen are dead the  souls are gone times are dark and depressing but don't worry were going out of this place and were waging war on humanity and you're all coming with me
Undyne starts to walk out
Grillby  this won't end well
sans fell asleep on his pancakes
Papyrus  stops Alphas   : what please can you look and my brother
Alphas   why he looks fine
Papyrus  no he's sick he doesn't sleep anymore and he's been throwing up
Alphas  Papyrus   you're overreacting  it's  just food poisoning
Undyne sees the to  talking and walks over  : what are you to talking about
Papyrus    Sans is sick and Alphas   won't help
Alphas   its food poisoning
Undyne looks at the too not sure what side to take  walks towards sans to talk to him but she's stopped
NPC your majesty we need you back at the castle
Undyne looks at Sans look he's clearly fine your over reacting he will be fine in a few days

Metatron this is beginning of day 100 of wall watch Alphys has been working non-stop since day one on project drill and has had no time off

Papyrus bother did you stay up all night watching tv again
sans : ...
Papyrus wen did you last sleep
sans: io sleep when the commercials are on
Papyrus its a 24 newscast is starting to worry about you. its been weeks since you been outside and your missing meals and now just watching the news it can't be good for you or the human
sans is fine really and don't worry about the human I don't
power shuts off
Papyrus panics
sans gets up * bro its going to be all right let's find some candles * they find candles and sans shows Papyrus a book * how about some story time *the two  the curled up in a blanket and read books together
Papyrus : do you think the human likes the story?
sans : I don't think the kid cares about anything it's a soul

Papyrus no bother I think it does like stories and you know what I think
sans what
Papyrus you're making it good you're going to make the human all good and then we can go and read stories together build puzzles together and eat pasta and-and everything will be go back to normal
sans : I wish I had your optimism bro * sans hugs Papyrus as the wind kills the candles*
Papyrus : I think were out of matches
sans : it's going to be all right we'll go to Grillbys
Papyrus : why?
sans Grillby  has a bright personality sans heads for the door
Papyrus lets that slide as they wall
sans : easy kid quit moving so much would ya
Papyrus wowie the humans so much bigger now sans
sans : it complains more too walkings really making it upset then again everything makes it upset
Papyrus aww don't be sad human
undyne : hay!!
Papyrus undyne!!
undyne where have you been?
Papyrus sans is still sick I been taking care of him
undyne oh...  
* the ground shakes*
undyne : we don't have time for this we have to go * she picks up sans and runs *
Papyrus what's going on
Sans :can we talk about this on the ground
Undyne no we have to go we need to get to the bunker
Papyrus : bunker?
Undyne haven't you been listening to the radio?
Papyrus no we only have a tv
Undyne oh you were watching Mettatons propaganda they think the drills a bad idea and along with a hand full of monsters a rebelling and Mettatons been sending “ live” footage of a door with a with codes in the news feed so I'll simplify this for you alphys couldn't get thru the door he chose to drill to the heavens to escape after months of work we will be free soon
Sans: that great can we talk about this on the ground I fell like a soda can
Undyne : puts sans down * just a moment*
Papyrus bother!!
Sans : I just need a lie-down
Papyrus picks up sans and watches undye and alphys fight
Alphys : I had to the drills on a timer I can't stop it now
Undue but what if monsters a still out there they could get hurt not everyone down here has a radio they could get hurt
Alphys: I know that but how long will monster kind have to wait before going to the surface our resources won't last forever and we can't just what for more humans this is the only way
Undye but
The ground starts shaking
NPC : now starting drill faze one*

Papyrus drops sans : bother
Sans try to get up but can't and just zips up his coat trying to hold his self together
Undye  and  Papyrus  sans !?
sans  I'm fine something I ate  it's not agreeing with me and won't stay down! *
Papyrus tries to pick up sans
Sans “ bro stop I just like to lay here for a while the heart burns really bad really
Papyrus .. bother..
There's another big quake
Sans wines and there's a splash sound “ I feel better.. Though I don't think the kid was so heavy” pats his stomach and looks down his top “pap i think I need your scarf”
Papyrus why?
Sans : just hand it over I’ll explain in a moment
Papyrus hands over his cape
Undyne what's going on?
Sans I got a surprise for you not hold out your arms
Hands Papyrus frisk
Papyrus: I'm a mother
sans : you shore are now getting to cover with it
Papyrus: this is the best surprise ever * hides in the little shelter
Undyne how what? You know I don't what to know starts to walk over
A siren blares out one minute till drill countdown
Undyne we have to go

Alphys : Undyne arrests the killer
Undyne what? Killer
Alphys sans
Undyne what sans no killer
Alphys he is I saw him and that human they were working together to take down the barrier he had his pet human killed  asgore and then destroy them self  and the souls opening barrier then sans came and
Undyne Alphys I'm going to stop you there I been meaning to tell you your crazy this  drill was a crazy an idea but now I see you done mad  is madness and now this!!
A countdown siren rings
Undyne you and this drill deserve each other
Alphys what Undyne??
Undyne and sans make it to the small room Papyrus is in
Undyne what are you doing
Alphys stopping you you tried to kill me you called sans a killer and your drills are done nothing but work the underground to death I don't know what I ever saw in you
*slams the door*and locks it
Undyne shakes a bit
Sans: are you doing to be alright
Undyne no…
Papyrus was unaware of all of this *oh halo you to where is Alphys?”
Undyne ,Sans ….
frsk starting to cry
Papyrus : there there's human it's alright
Undyne and Sans are there for Papyrus as the world starts shaking and frsk wakes up and the world resets

so a the world restarts  with the sound of a crying child
Sans goes out to investigates
Sans Something's different about this
heartburn unedited
this is the hole scripit i  it threw grammarly I'm working from an edited   mothermal  did  
Tory1 by herio
i need to get this game out of my syem so im makeing a realy simple game 
for two weeks .. what am i goting to do my pc hates unity and kind of dislikes maya i guess i'll bild stuff and get around  working with game maker 
i spend all day makeing games


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